Economics + HipHop =



M.C. Caskey

Performing his track "Comparative Advantage" off of HipHoponomics Vol. 2 at the University of Delaware in May 2017. 


Economics + hiphop= hiphoponomics

M.C. Caskey teaches economics through HipHop, as he has a burning desire to reach young people, particularly urban students, with the life changing message of the economic way of thinking, taking human capital development seriously, and dreaming big.  He has dropped two albums on SoundCloud over the last two years.  Most recently, "HipHoponomics Vol. 2: The Man, The Myth, Adam Smith" dropped in May 2017.  With tens of thousands of SoundCloud plays already, M.C. Caskey is poised to reach a national audience through HipHoponomics.

M.C. Caskey holds a masters degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship for Educators from the University of Delaware, and currently teaches economics at the Delaware Military Academy.

HipHoponomics has been featured by various regional and national news outlets, including NBC10 PhiladelphiaDelaware News Journal, Technically DelawareUniversity of Delaware, and more.